Program Design

WPN has over 15 years of experience designing and implementing wellness programs.  WPN has created programs for police, fire,  government and private companies.  From establishing goals & objectives to ongoing budgeting & evaluation, WPN is able to provide expert service in designing a wellness program.

Wellness Evaluations

WPN will work with you to create an evaluation to meet the needs of your organization.  These evaluations may include dietary assessment,  blood work,  cardiovascular & muscle fitness measures, body composition, and more.

Personal Consultations

Individual meetings with WPN health professionals help to establish personal goals, develop plans of action and review progress toward these goals.

Workshops & Training

Have a specific need or desire for a health-related presentation or training?  WPN has a large network of professionals to meet most any need in this area.

Motivation And More . . .

If it has to do with wellness, WPN will work to bring the service desired to your organization.