Berryhill’s Workout of the Week

Sorry for missing the past couple of weeks but life got busy and I refuse to post a workout until I have done it.  This one may be worth the wait . . .it’s novel, fun (as if working out could be fun), and gives the muscles a type of workout they are likely not used to doing.  I call it “90 degrees & hot.”  You will need a stopwatch for this one.

Warm-Up:  10 air squats, 10 push ups, 10 forward lunges, 5 pull-ups.

Workout:  each exercise is isometric & timed.  for each exercise-get in the proper position, start timer, hold to failure & stop timer.  the goal is to accumulate as much ‘hold time’ as possible!

  • 90 degrees air squat position (thighs parallel to ground).  hold to failure.
  • 90 degrees push-up position (hands slightly wider than shoulders, elbows at 90 degrees).  hold to failure.
  • 90 degrees forward lunge position (forward leg 90 degrees at hip & knee).  hold to failue, switch lead leg and repeat.
  • 90 degrees pull-up position (palms in, elbows at 90 degrees.  pull legs up to create 90 degree angle at hips, hang lower legs down to create 90 degree angle at knees).  hold to failure.
  • 90 degree back bridge (keep back straight not letting buttocks sag, knees at 90 degrees).  hold to failure.

repeat twice!   When done, post your total ‘hold time’ so we can see how long you lasted.  REMEMBER, DO NOT INCLUDE REST TIME OR TIME BETWEEN EXERCISES.


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exercise physiologist & certified personal trainer.
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